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My Marriage Is Still Intact – Funke Akindele

Finally, Funke Akindele has broken her silence. And here’s what ‘The Nation’ says she sent them in an SMS message.
Funke reportedly said:

I read in the newspaper yesterday that I am divorced. What proof do you have? And I am taking this to court because my marriage is intact. You guys are rumour mongers.  

Funke Akindele Oloyede.

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26 Comments on "My Marriage Is Still Intact – Funke Akindele"

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Stage 1 DENIAL bahahahahaha

Oluyomi Odukoya

Let the husband debunk the facebook story then…. The more he keeps quiet the 'rumours' will continue to trend. Why is he keeping quiet?


Sick of the personal lives pof these celebrities.who cares

Doyinsola Kel

Na ur own wahala be dat enjoy ur intact marriage ooooo Sulia ken Lagos ken.


pls sue them and let them pay good money. Even if her Husband said it is that enough proof for papers and bloggers to carry it that way.

ij bby

Wo..watever rocks ur boat jare!

I haf tayad!


my dear i thought it was me alone that felt that way. even if its true are they the first to get a divorce why dnt people solve the problems in their own house and leave others alone.


Sue ke? Where wil u strt frm?


She will start from somewhere. this world is wicked.


Some people are just waiting to hear it is over between us God forbid Bad thing

ExoticEyez MiMi



i wanda y sm1 will just sit down an begin 2 tink negative abt sm1 y nt mind ur own business.

Boo Ya

Oluyomi Odukoya for the love of God get a life. I tried sending this when the breaking up story came and u said u were awake because of the story. How person marriage weda e break or no break 'consign ' u?
And to this blogger please butt out of he said she said of people's marriages and breakups. Its undignified and real low


okay ooooooooooo we don hear fun ke
happy marriage life enjoy ursef ooooooo


But I personally read it yesterday where ur hubby posted it nd he add to it dat u d greatest mistake dat he has ever done to himself so sit ur hubby down nd ask him cos ti eku le oba pani to de ole pani dat just it so enjoy ur union nd make sure nofin happen to it good day

Anwuli Oputa

Funke we have heard you loud and clear.

Adekunle Kazeem
Oluyomi Odukoya

Whoever you are once you are a celeb you should realise that you don't have a life of your own. Funke is even lucky if it were in the US or England paparazzi would make her house theirs.. And who told you I don't have a life? This is my life. For the records I'm a journalist and you should know what that means or do you need me to explain it to you?

Boo Ya

Not really. From your standpoint I see it means you are a voyeur. With a taste for stories that aren't ur bizwax.(Or anybody's for that matter) It means you do not have access to real news nor the affinity to report what matters.
You'd rather lie awake for Funke Akindele to tell you her marriage is working/not working.Oya nau as you are Americana/Londoner reporter park go her dormot go sleep
But what do I know? I aint no journalist

Oluyomi Odukoya

You've said it all- you aren't a journalist so you know nothing about having an edge over your competitors. For your 411 I was also awake all through last night cos rumour had it that Mandela would be removed from life support on his 95th birthday but how would you know? Journalism isn't just my profession but also my passion.. So be careful what you do else you might just be my headline especially when you are a celeb..

Boo Ya

*Running to the bushes to hide!*oooooooo!

Lizy Okoni

If she likes she shuld hide d truth buh she shuld knw wt she's doing in d inside so she doesn't geh herself hurt real gud. Na waoo! Its all gud


Good good
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Funke i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ that γφυ?….smh for γφυ!


Hehehehe Funke you are funny sha. But don't blame us we dint cook up the story…your husband tried to 'get your attention' by announcing the end of your marriage. Unlesd your husband's Facebook account was hacked?
Anyways I wish you the best in your marriage…remember its for better for worse.

Oluyomi Odukoya

No need to hide. You aren't a celeb so you need not fear any foe.


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