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Omotola Jalade


Nigerian man lays curse on Actress Omotola Jalade for blocking him, after he proposed marriage to her

An angry Nigerian man, “Godwin Ahmed”, has taken to social media to slam Nigerian screen diva, Omotola Jalade for blocking him after he proposed marriage to her.


Here’s Godwin’s rant which includes wishing that the A-list actress dies by accident this year;

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322 Comments on "Nigerian man lays curse on Actress Omotola Jalade for blocking him, after he proposed marriage to her"

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Animal in human skin…

Em go first her die

People can be stupid at times. Is it by force or u are a retard ass. She respected u by blocking u, Yet u choose to tell the world ur empty brain. Ode! Get sense, as u wish her death na so death go first meet u.

God of mercy and compassion!! This is how u talk after smoking Jamaican weed with Ghana pepper!!

wat a stupid man

This guy should b trace and arrested. Idiot. Dirty thing.

Proposing to a married woman! He must be sick upstairs

If I talk now them go say I don insult you,propose to a married woman are you alright Hmmm see ur face like roasted corn


Lunatic, proposing marriage to a married woman, you expect her to leave her beautiful family and come be with a were idiot like you. Anuofia !!!!


This is what happens when the witches in your village is after you. Let me just say he is an attention seeker in a crude way. This sort
of news is never good for my dear lailas blog.

That’s bad from you sir ,because she blocked you does not mean you should wish her death …

What if God says she will later be your wife and she is now dead when you are to marry ,what are you going to say ….

You better watch your mouth ,before you use your mouth to destroy your life

Ife Leke

Which God is saying it? Did it occur to you that she is already married?

Na hausa boy,their own mumu dey blood

Na by force? Mr. Man you forget say shoe

Get size

Thanks for the completion

Accident and death fall on dat Godwin of a somebody


Too much detergent for the young man brain

How detergent take reach d brain ni ,hahahA just the evidence we dey see from that guy thinking o


na u and ur hopeless family go die,monkey idiot…

I believe this man has a brain touch,how cld he even think of proposing to woman who is still happily married?,this man must be crazy,i know his from the north.idi ara

That’s a Yoruba man

No brain you’ve got

back 2sender oloshi…wat are u thinking? a married woman shud leave her husband and come and marry u abi?thunder fire u 4dere

May God give that man good and better brain because I don’t think he is well….

What If she is willing to marry you ,with what you have said ,she will run away and tell herself she can’t even give you to her enemy to marry her


Bros you are very sick…

idiot of d year

Are you sure? 😀😀😀


My broda no be small😃😃😃

May he perish first

But he would have known that she is married now haba

Madness. Lol

See how hungry he appears to be and talking of having an affair with omotola , if not for social media this one for even fit get opportunity tell omotola this rubbish….

I wonder oh

Onuku nwuru anwu…pls shift abeg

The boy is very useless and hopeless at the same let him and his family die abeg born trowey

Fool his just looking for attention mecheeeeew

I DON SEE SOMETHING,lol, look at this one.

E be like say your brain dey touch abi?

See the oko iyawo picture self….mad thing oloriburuku somebody….radarada….this boy want to get famous by fire….y will omotola accept a request of this stupid non-living thing in d 1st place….me wey no b celebrity self i cant add such on my list….see him munmun yeye child…

See love lol

Say no to weed!!!

Make him go die b4 dis ur runs out, idiot u dry propose to a married woman make she marry u say wetin happen, imagine wot he can offer is to wash her pant
Chai dis show dat Godwins family is useless

May God show us mercy…i think too much of cow milk has contaminated d little sense he has.

Hundred times of what you wish her will be your portion


This is serious what have she done to you mad man?

Which type of fever dey make somebody make noise that time

Is mad

Broke ass nigga


God will punish u,stupid man,u are verb senseless go nd learn some manners

Dat idiot need to be dealt with, look at his face like an ape man.

St Azha

Mmmmmm cerebral malaria o
Dude smoked opium.
Abi the guy get brain injury?
What nonsense!

Wht ar u pple saying , dis guy has said he is an orphan staying under d bridge ,wht insult do u want to give him again ,lol his case Neds God intervention

He sleeps under d bridge and he get phone
OK where does he charge his phone to chat

Dear , e weak meoooo na only God kwn , may b e borrow d phone lol, wht more insult can u give to some body who is an orphan, who sleep under d bridge , u will only b wasting ur pressure tym on a wasted he goat . on d phone issue ,some of dem do v phone . and ar on whtapp,

Please i want to hear the outcome of this idiot next week,his phone number is on his profile

My father, my maker, let this man recieve sense……. Oya recieve it….


Are u her creator who can dictate wen she will die or live. Are stupid or mad. Look at u proposing for omotal. U like good things let me get u !!!!!

This guy deserve correct, original beating, what rubbish some people don’t know their level or his he under a spell cos how can a reasonable human being propose to a married with children of your age(Imagine) In fact may thunder WY just finish press up strick you there

This guy, is the Special adviser to the devil. That thing you wish Omotola, will surely happen to you, idiot.

Thank you

Is it dis person am seeing on dis picture or we shud be expecting another person???? Sense fall on some people…

She will not die rather u n ur entire family will perish idiot
Onye ohi criminal


A lunatic on the loose,he needs psychiatric attention ASAP.

Omotola will come to ur burial if she av d chance to …..idiotic man.

See matter oo

those ultrances were from pit of hell, that boy needs immediate deliverance

He is hungry, abeg, help am with food, him go calm
#a hungry man is an angry man

This guy needs serious help

Him village people Don use him brain drink garri.

Hahaha hahaha hahaha thats serious

Some pipo sha



That’s what Hausa’s produce uneducated mad dog, scorophy looking fool, uncircumcised dog. That accident fall on u and ur generations.
U can curse ur ancestor’s.

Well,if u can see things well d man is nt a Hausa man,beside no Hausa man will try asking married woman to divorce ha husband,so plz respect others if u want to b respected,

Mercyrules pls all hausas r not bad neither do we have a tribe of perfect ppl, I’m not hausa but i grew up in d north believe me if u meet some nice hausa ppl u will love them.

This is an insult

This guy is a disgrace to men

Illiteracy in the highest order!!!

The guy needs to be transfer to yaba left… Cos is so funny she is married not divorced n u still went ahead to ask her hand in marriage that’s insane…. You are not well sir

Is mentally ill

Obsession, This is Savage

Are u mad don’t u no she is married?

I don’t believe Di’s pls

Hw can Di’s guy a tin like DAT if he need help let him talk to her na Dan to ask her hand in marriage he is mad sha

This man is not okay

is it by force to marry

Them swear for him, look at his head

Where did this fool come out from. Just seeking attention.. he should be in d mental home, that’s the only help he needs now.

He should be beaten to pop

What is the police and the DSS doing they should go after this man fast.

This man is mad and needs to b rushed a psychiatric immediately

Wat do u expect from this he goat, his name explains everything.

This one don Crase oo

He wants to be noticed

Igbo dey worry the man brain he don tire for life

The Guy is sick. How can you propose to a married Women. He needs urgent Medical attention.

Oga ooo men’s sha

He must b a frustrated n insane fellow….Dz period wey we dey so dey affect many tinz oooo….hhmmmmmm…just “IGNORE HIM” abeg…

Stupidity of d highest order

Well!!Well!!wat do i say to dis ugly looking outdated village foooolllll….. He is sooo confused,poverty has knocked down his brain not to reason clearly..His case needs an emergency attention b4 he gets out of proportion…

People can be stupid sometime.

The mixture of his name gan defines him

This one is serious

Can you imagine this mad man, somebody will be on her own only to meet troublee they never called for.

So for the mind of this idiot that looks like an obituary in this picture he wants Omotola to divorce her husband and marry him.

What nonsense, where was he before now?. I think this idiot should be arrested so he can go to the police and explain the source of his stupidity.



I just nr understand dat he looks who is died

I wonder

Stupidity has blocked this one’s brain. Abeg do quick & wake up from ur slumber.

Brain fall on u… See as e be sef….i wan vomit…. As if he get d money to take care of her….it shall be Accident free for u omosexy ijn all d days of ur life

Are u telling her to leave range rover sport for keke na pepe???


Stupidity is flowing through the veins of this mad man.

Omotola should have called a police on him so he can go and explain whether he bought his stupidity from the market, inherited it or someone just dashed him.

Someone looking like an obituary in a picture wants a whole Omotola to divorce and then marry him. What type spirit can make someone this useless? I can’t understand.

Lol, your comment really made my day..

Like it nah or

Lolzzzz can’t just stop laughing

He needs proper attention because his village people have really build a mansion in his body so that’s why he’s misbehaving

Ayam telling you the truth the guy no carry im eyes

May the curse go back to his head.if I was initial too,I would block him.make e no come pour sand for my garri.marriage wey she don dry build since 20yrs ago

Shoe get size…lolz

He will die first idiot






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