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#FreeEvans campaign trends


Nigerians launch a #FreeEvans movement

Nigeria’s Twitter has been set on fire with a #FreeEvans movement, as some people are demanding the release of the billionaire Kidnap kingpin Chukwudubem Onwuamadike alias Evans, their argument being that he’s not as corrupt as most Nigerian politicians in power.

Evans is the same notorious billionaire kidnapper who showed no mercy during his reign of terror.

He struck his victims when they least expected and demanded billions as ransoms, leaving his victims’ relatives to battle with the pain of raising the money to secure their freedom.

Not a few rich businessmen in Lagos, Edo, Anambra  relocated for fear of being abducted by Evans & his gang. To escape from his dragnet, others fortified themselves with armed security operatives.

The #FreeEvans trend caused an outrage though. Read all the tweets below:

Here are some tweets;





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77 Comments on "Nigerians launch a #FreeEvans movement"

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Why should They even think about it? Evans don’t have human sympathy, do you know how many people he killed?


Na person wey them catch be thief. So why should the government free him. Why should we embrace and celebrate bad things. When you free him that denote every other kidnapper should be freed. We must rise to say no to evil act, corruption and things that can destroy our existence. This is the bane of our society.


Who are the idiots starting this stupid trend? Free Evans ko,kill Evans ni. May kidnappers locate them and their families.


Because no member of their families have been kidnapped. Free wetin? Do you know that that man wrecked people.He is heartless and wicked and deserve to be punished.I have no sympathy for him.He’s ruthless


In as much as justice need to be done, I still think & believe every criminal need a second chance. I totally condemn his act but all those advocating for his death if Evans was to be your brother, uncle or even father would u have been shouting crucify him? I repeat again imprisonment will be a better option for him for death itself is not even justice since we will all die someday. They shouldn’t free him but let him serve a jail term so his people can always reach him in prison custody, alot of criminals like this end up changing for good after longer years in prison.

Na his southern brother….dat guy shud not b release ooo…..imagine after all his crimes….

Lisa Peters

They are very stupid for saying that, oh because it’s not your family that was kidnapped or killed while he was trying to kidnap so dey should free him ko? Students are bin kidnapped dese days what crime did dose ones commit? He needs to face the music…shikena

They should go and sit down how will his victims get justice if he is set free

Rotten tomatoes ?

I can see it in d light of many mothers and babies have died due to bad healthcare as a result of a thieving politician keeping the funds in an empty house in ikoyi……….many have died due to bad roads, many have died due to starvation……. I rest my case!!! There is no diff btw Evans n the criminals we appointed to look after us, one man paid a ransom of 1 million dollars cash, who is he and what does he produce in naija to warrant such Amt of money cash………Evans is wrong but doesn’t deserve death………let him be severely punished, politicians are worse because they rob us blind under our nose, Evans is hiding face to commit his own.


RT come & hug me with a kiss, I love u for this infact have a chill moet at my expense. In as much as I won’t condone crime but I want to ask what has the government done to better the lives of the youth? Today we are shouting crucify him cos he isn’t a hausa fulani breed, he was a kidnapper yes what about the notorious sokoto kabiru that 50million bounty was placed on his head for killing over 50 christians worshippers in Niger State on a christmas eve? Do u know he was released from prison cos he was an hausa man in the name of swap. Today has boko haram stop bombing? No, so to what extent was he released? Between a kidnapper & a murderer who deserve mercy? If they won’t grant pardon or turn blind sight on fulani herdsmen that killed over thousands in Agatu in benue state & also in nimbo in Enugu state why would Evans be kill? Six hausa fulani beheaded an evangelist a wife of a pastor & they were discharged & acquitted so why would anyone demand for Evans head? Is it cos he is not from fulani origin or hausa? Has dasuki been kill? What of Ameachi & co or is it Saraki & Dorgara indicted for various crime of budget padding. What about Obasanjo & the halliburton messed or is it Orji Uzor Kalu & co. These are many more to mention are the reasons this young men engage in crime for if they have made life better a good number of crime would have been abaited. I think this is a war between the rich & the poor. Our politicians deserve same treatment cos they kept us were we are today. Revolution will surely come one day.


RT and Divine I totally agree with you both. No need to write, you guys said it all.


The campaigners must be his gang members yet to be arrested linking his actions with that of currupt politicians

I feel sorry for you,,,knowin how we the south eastern peeps normally strive to survive,,,from your confession you said you got shot on shoulder tryin to deliver drug in south Africa by d buyer,,,am sorry for da too nd d challenging situations you must have gone thru,,,but that shouldn’t be d reasons y you kidnap people not in support of your act but still I wish you do serve some years in and be released


Which Nigerians? I no follow for the #freeEvans movement oh

Frequency Unlimited

I don’t blame them,any of their loved ones have never experience being kidnapped,the trauma alone can kill not to talk of the ransome

Free who?
If Nigerian government free Evans for this crime he committed,i swear,i will go into crime and my own will be worsened than Evans own,how can u free a man who committed many atrocity?i don’t think this news is real.

My man don’t you know that nigerian sabi

Crab joke

mumu if na ur broda nko?

Not good to free him o

dat guy bad sha but many are commenting here with a stolen phone

ewa u are too funny

Why should he be freed?
He has caused pain, stigma to the victim and their family
If they free him, it won’t serve as lesson to others out there cos they know they will also be freed ..
You pple can come for me oo.. someone don’t av freedom of expression again
Maybe we should stop commenting then

if he was ur uncle nko?

Short of words


Nd we blame our politicians nd leaders.Anybody that supports Evans release will have the fate of the people he had kidnapped nd killed. Foolish much.

Pls free him let God judge him.

Stupid comment…when they free him and he decides to kidnap again,let it be that little boy on your dp so you know how it feels


Lolz @ nelson

Nelson u re so gullible.Re u God that want to be judging? Is u n ur entire family they will kidnap.Rubbish!

Story story, he will face d wrath of the law here on earth before he goes to face Gods judgement.


Adeola oritoke omo adekoya.. Now you are running curse when Nelson says dey should kidnapped dat little Boi in your dp.. D boy has not be kidnapped oøo your body dey on fire so my question is how did you want d children of there victim to feel oo when you dat your Boi has not been kidnapped body dey on fire dey burn.. Na WA oo.. There is God oo!!!!

chinenye baby

God have mercy


Abeg make dem free the Evans joor make e come teach boys work!! Our politicians are even worst than him.

Abeg, learn d work fast
So that I will propose to you

I dey my corner with my guys dey wait for u


Not funny though!

U don laugh finish and u say not funny!! Ur problem nor dey this country, e just dey libya right now Steve Sun


Which Nigerians? Let him face the music abeg

Free who Na! Why? mk ona stop that free nonsense oh

Not funny!

Some Nigerians are insane which one is #freeevans



This one na rubbish movement. The members of this nonsense movement are his accomplishes in crime.they should be arrested immediately

I said it with all dis his tittle and money dey go free am

Who is launching free Evans d kidnapper. Abeg return peoples money & chill in police cell.

Free who? If dis guy is freed of all d crimes he’s committed dere will b 100% crime rate in our country coz both d young & old will have d licence 2 do Nonsense.

Why do people encourage & support evil?

Kill Evans by hanging, haba why will anyone want evans to be freed. He has caused so many homes pain, he wife should be the free one cause she is not directly involved

Our politicians are even worst Dan Evans, at least he was not after d poor he was after d rich dat do not know dat they will help d poor

South Asid

Unbelievable!! What is wrong with some people? Free who?

All of u be commenting o, ur fellow cluess Nigerians are launching freeevans becareful ooooo because when dey do free him….. he coming for u through ur comments….. just watching

If they should free him dat is an automatic for some youth to bcom kidnappers let him face d law

they should be arrested too!


Sentiments Don enter…so he should be free bcos he’s a wealthy criminal… Bt d same pple will burn d person that stole I-beta-pass my neighbor gen

Any body calling for the criminal’s freedom should be arrested. He/she is unarguably a criminal.

Free him for what? A kidnapper. People must be funny. An armed kidnapper


Make dy no just bring dat leg o

It’s only criminals like him wld ask for his freedom

Evans must die


This is stupidity. Kidnapping is a serious offence. I can’t believe people’s thinking. Wats going on in ds country. Will they be saying d same thing if their loved ones n them were kidnapped.

My dear,I won’t be surprised if this man is not killed

OMG…. Free what, Connection and money is speaking now

If they can grant some people amnesty by paying them some amount of money monthly, why won’t them free evens that did the same thing. Is his own kidnapping different from others? Most of the so called people that came for his arrest are even doing worst than him if we investigate them. It is only in our country that a criminal condemns a criminal. They shouldn’t condemn him to death . Just passing.

let him d law abeg!

Which way Nigerians.government will free him because if Evans open mouth una go poor men dey pay Evans to kidnapp before?

the idiot don buy Twitter abi?,with his billions

Not Nigerians, his biafran brothers I guess


Lets be honest, Evans did bad things. But cast a stone first if you are innocent. All you ladies can you remember how many abortion you have carried out and yet nobody killed you? most of the people that pays Evans $1million are also criminals, Yahoo boys in Festac. Evans is innocent when compared to Our government. somebody stole our 10billion and refund 500million, you grant him bail of 300million and we are all quiet. The only crime somebody should die for is deliberate Murder. They should investigate if he does kill his victims, if not he should refund the money and serve jail sentence. if our police system can not investigate and prosecute and execute our past and present leaders, then they should leave common people alone. NOBODY HOLY PASS. TAKE SOME TIME AND REMEMBER SOME OF THE CRIMES YOU COMMITTED.


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