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OAP Freeze reacts to whether billionaire kidnapper, Evans should implicate his wife

OAP Daddy Freeze is reacting to a story once again, this time around it’s whether kidnap kingpin, Evans should implicate his wife since they were both in the business together.


He shared the above photos and wrote:

“Guys lets be very honest, will you implicate your wife if you were in Evan’s shoes? Some people are saying; “so who will now take care of the kids?”

Baba make me I talk true, Emi nitemi o, if na woman wey love me true love, like @tastebudzng (His fiancee, Benedicta), I go cover am walahi, but if na problematic woman wey dey stress me, dey frustrate me, dey beat me, come dey cheat on me join, come still wan spend my money on top another man head, so only me go come suffer alone, baba one time I don implicate am, nothing go do children, dem no go die..

We are going down together, as long as we jollof the money together!

As I no too get sense, na my own definition of gender equality be that.

Ok o! over to you, whetin you go do? ~FRZ”

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20 Comments on "OAP Freeze reacts to whether billionaire kidnapper, Evans should implicate his wife"

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Whether we like it or not the long arm of the law will catch up with her if she knew her husband was into kidnappings

Mira Monroe

Long arm of which law?
Nigerian law? lol very funny. Evans dat will soon walk free. Serve probably few months n pay his way out.

Abeg make that guy matter rest

Frequency Unlimited

My concern is just the kids.


That has been my take from the beginning, the children should be consider before any major action is been taken.

Rotten tomatoes ?

They did not consider the children before stealing other people for ransom……. all his whole family members including his mom should take this fall


Freeze rest abeg,…..tired of your plenty talk.

U mean the one with 56 demons, he can’t say less na.


The kids should be the first priority! Implicating the wife will affect the kids

I said keep chilling oh…

Nothing concerns the wife. Nah

Why is it her fault? What about her children? Abeg let her be.


He shouldn’t have implicated his wife for the love of his kids.


If he names his wife as an accomplice in the crimes, it would just be a pity.
“My wife is unaware of my biz”– should be his story.
” I never knew he is a kidnapper or all these things being alleged- he has sent me to collect money from him somewhere but I didn’t know what the money was for. I thought it was from the auto parts sales”– she sticks to this story, I tell you she is a free woman.
She needs to stay out and raise their kids and to also straighten the image of the man to them.
The police with all their stories are building a defence for the man. So far, no actual ‘kidnappee’ has come out to state when, how much and where he was kidnapped. All we have are stories coerced out of the man. No reasonable judge will convict on that.
They should leave the man’s stories and look for their star witnesses/victims.
The appearance of only one of them can nail him.

A wife should know what her husband does for a living..
It is not all about him bringing home money all the time…
Though, if she is not involved she should not be implicated…

some men hide their source of wealth but i wise woman shud know


If these pieces of information so far revealed are facts, then Mrs. Evans cannot escape a criminal charge of accessory before or after the fact. An accessory is a person who assists in the commission of a crime, but who does not actually participate in the commission of the crime as a joint principal. The difference between an accessory and a principal is a question of fact, degree and intention.
The principal (Mr. Evans), the one whose acts and omissions, accompanied by the relevant intention, is the most immediate cause or mastermind of the act, the crime.

If the two of them (man and wife) directly planned and executed any or one of the kidnappings, it would not matter that children are involved or have to be taken care of, she will be arrested and tried for her part or joint efforts, they can also be charged as joint principals where facts show that they planned and acted on common purpose. How to know if Mrs. Evans is a joint principal rather than an accessory is if facts show that she independently contributed to causing the action rather than merely giving limited help and encouragement.

Again, if the information so far revealed, are facts, then Mrs. Evans has already been implicated as an accomplice, that is to say, one who was present during the crime and participates in some way (she went and collected ransom). An accessory must have knowledge that a crime will be committed. You become an accessory by having knowledge, helping or encouraging the criminal in some way. The assistance may be of any type: emotional, financial or physical or any help to conceal the crime thereafter.

She seems highly “infected” already and could even be charged for other offenses like criminal facilitation or conspiracy. In my opinion, there is little chance she can escape unscathed, unless her husband withdraws his statement that incriminates her by claiming that it was obtained from him through the use of force, other forms of compulsion or coercion.

My name: Chika

May dey free De woman joor

Man dat send 20m to his wife yet she said she don’t know d source of her husband income dat woman really need some senses


Accessory to a crime. So she is also liable. She shldnt go free, she shld b arrested.






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