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Paul Okoye Accepts His Baby With 19 year old Beauty Queen, Elshama?


Paul Okoye Accepts His Baby With 19 year old Beauty Queen, Elshama?



Could this be a confirmation, guys?
Linda says Paul put up this photo of Elshama carrying their son on his BB display picture yesterday..with a kiss and big hug smiley.

You recall that sometime in May, Saharareporters broke the news that Paul Okoye had abandoned 19 years old MBGN 2012 contestant, Elshama Igbanoi who had a baby boy for him, 4 days before his boo that we all know Anita put to bed.

Paul never confirmed or denied the story, until this picture showed  up today.

Hmmm, what would you do if you were Anita?

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21 Comments on "Paul Okoye Accepts His Baby With 19 year old Beauty Queen, Elshama?"

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D did has been. I'd advice anita dat she shuld just accept tins d way it is. Cuz if she were to be in d oda persons shoe she wuldnt want to be abandoned. Afterall dey aint married. So she shuld lie on her bed d way she made it.

Ace Bentley

That's a good step… But wait a minute! He has to kids now from 2 women isn't this anoda classic 2face idibia case?




This is not elshama o! This is Anita….that is a pix of Anita and Andre…Linda should stop putting up rubbish gist abeg


Laila you don't let other people take pictures from your blog or copy stories yet you go to other people's blogs to copyn get stories and take pictures. How selfish can you be? Clap for yoursefl

Anwuli Oputa

That's a very good step in the right direction.


Sweetheart there is a link back to Linda's blog when you click on her name there. you see it right?


Realllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???? That's not Elshama and her baby in the BB picture?


I for talk now. cos that would be soooo disrespectful of Paul to Anita. how would your man use another lady and her baby's picture as his bb dp. hmmm am so sure more is going to come out of this.

cant wait


Sweetheart are you sure thats not Anita's picture like someone has rightly said here? Anyways the picture is pretty small to tell if its Anita or Elshama. I personally love Linda's blog but have noted of lately she has been having lots of fake and untrue gist. Be careful before you lift a clearly wrong story yourself…


Gud 4 her


Big aunty laila nice reply…backlinks re very importnt….

Btw…paul myt deny dis….mayb issue a press statement…lol e nor dey hard dem do!


The girl on the display pix is ANITA and not Elshama!

Only me

Laila abeg always get ur facts right.u must not always copy and paste like an idiot!


You put a link because it's obvious the story is from lindas blog and also maybe cause she put her blog name on the munched there was no need for the link. Moreover the genevieve's picture from ebony life you got it fron Y naija and I noticed you tried to crop it out why didn't you put the link too. Stop trying to act too smart people are watching.

Oluyomi Odukoya

Once again welcome back Anwuli. My confession goes thus- You are one of the reasons why I registered my name on google. I love your approach to life and how you only have nice things to say and even when you criticise you do it constructively. One thing I've realised is that it is very easy to hate and be bitter under anonymous and to be honest I attacked you once under anonymous on linda's blog for being too nice. But since I registered my name I have it in my consciousness that anything negative I say is attached to my name forever and there's life beyond blogs. I watched a movie 'cyber bully' and it made me realise that not everyone has a thick skin and people need to realise their words of hatred hurt and some people might crumble and become tempted to commit suicide. Having said all these Anwuli I apologise for that one time I picked on you on linda's blog. Keep on being who you.. And to all anonymous who hate even if the person you hate can't see you God does. And to Deekay who called me a witch it takes a witch to identify one. I'm not surprised after all you once called Annie Macaulay a house girl.


its me again Laila i am back anon 14:48. i warned you then didnt i? now he has refuted the story and you have gone to paste what he said. Dont you feel abit funny especially where he noted ''bloggers shine your eyes''. Lesson for you please lift stories from blogs with style after doing your own investigation. have a fab weekend anyways


@ anonymous 16:19: u must be a die hard liber. Nice one! But pls tell ur Linda to also give credit wen she lifts stories. She is branding pictures now yet day in day out she lifts stories without even verifying.


Oh pls STFU!!!

adeniyi opemipo

Stupid Guy
click HERE for more gist


I tire oh! See essay.

adeyemi oderinde-mike
adeyemi oderinde-mike

I just can't help the laughter after reading some comments…on Laila taking pix or stories or if its linda the thing is you can't be everywhere these things happen. Someone gives u d story or pix. By the Way No Idea is original…ask Facebook My space Hi5 twitter. They have one thing in common. Any social media now will build upon them and add additional features.


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