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Reform The Helpless Or They Will Make Life Uncomfortable For Rich Kids – Mercy Johnson


Last Friday, Sunday Sun caught up with Mercy Johnson at the Boys Correctional Center, Oregun, Lagos, where she went to speak to the boys and donate some gifts, courtesy of her new project – the Mercy Johnson Foundation.
 And here’s what she told Sunday Sun in a brief chat.
  • You were at OJB’s house to see him and donate money, now you are here to donate to the Boys Reform Home in Lagos. What’s the idea? 
No idea, we are just promoting the ideals of Mercy Johnson Foundation.  The idea is to identify the needs, evaluate and help in our own little way. All fingers are not equal; those in position to help
should do so without hesitation. You will be hearing a lot about Mercy Johnson Foundation from now on. We have put our house in order and now ready to help those we can. I strongly believe that as stars we should live beyond the euphoria of stardom and the moment.  We will not always be here, what happens if you look back and realise you could do a lot to make the world better when you had the spotlight and you didn’t? I want to live beyond the moment. 
  • Why the reform homes in Lagos?
I know I’m not glamorous to a lot of people, but we must know that if we do charitable things for publicity alone, we defeat the purpose. We need to find ways to reform young boys and girls otherwise they will make life uncomfortable for the children of the privileged. At this point, I must commend the government of Lagos State for making efforts at reforming the kids. We are looking at what we can do with the state to help make the future of these children better.
  • Motherhood seems to have changed you…
Yes, motherhood changes women. You begin to see yourself as a co-creator. You begin to see yourself as a protector. Few days ago, I was feeding Purity and she started dragging the bottle with me with the hot water in it. She pushed the bottle, I had to quickly push her away from the water and let it pour on my arm instead. That’s the kind of protection I am talking about. I think it will also make you feel more responsible for other children as well. You begin to see them as children of some other mothers. You have a sense of responsibility to want to protect them as well.
  • How are you coping with your husband and the baby? 
There’s nothing like coping, he’s making my job easier. He dots on her. He carries her, feeds and does everything for her such that she misses him when he’s not around.  You won’t believe she sleeps on his chest every night. He understands whatever adjustment I need to make when it comes to the baby. He’s a loving father.
  • What about being a loving husband? 
Come on now, you know that Sam. He’s the best thing that happened to me. People usually say men are not reliable, in the case of my husband he’s a blessing. It’s obvious we are his priority.
  • So, your step of faith is paying off? 
Yes. I am not saying its perfect, but this is close to perfection. If this is what it feels to be married, I want to marry my husband again and again.
  • How come you are not an ambassador of any brand yet? 
We are having discussion with a couple of brands, when we agree with the terms, you will hear from us. However, I need to quickly point out that Mercy Johnson is a blend of youth and family brand. We just can’t stand and represent any brand. If it’s not representing the youths, which is our major consistency or the family, we will not be favourably disposed to it. I can’t at this point be ‘hawking’ cleavages in the name of promoting brand.  Things have changed; this is the beginning of a new era for me.

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God bless u mercy


I love u Mercy!


I've always known there's something different about you from day one Mercy… Nice one there much thanks and best regards.


I love this chic. Always have always will.


WoW!!! Sum1 refreshing 4 a change. Good 4 u Mercy!!! nw watch d rest strt tryin ta b lyk her.


Mercy is som 1 Who I no fully well dat also hav oda pple in her mind. Nice wok dear u ar bless


Love u mercy wat a fine boy u av as a son


Living up to her name. Showing mercy and kindness on others. The kind of person we want our celebs to be. May there be more where that is coming from. Your husband seems to be just as nice as you. Great match. X

Keep up the good work.

Oluyomi Odukoya

Thumbs up Mercy.


Mercy this is so sweet of you….God bless your family now and always. Amen

Austin Uche

this is wonderful… Dis chic has rilly changed o. I remember those racy roles she used to take and now its amazing how she has turned a new leaf.. I guess this is what they mean wen they say change is good… Let God guide u and be ur strength.

opeyemi careem

I am not surprised at al I knw mercy kip up d gud work dear….Read More Juicy Gist HERE


Purity is a girl


I so much love Mercy Johnson to the T. God bless you Mercy and motherhood has really changed her keep it up.


Wonderful wetin? I loved her 'hawking' the cleavage. The thing has gotten bigger too since after the baby

ij bby

Nice work! You go girl!

ExoticEyez MiMi

Anonymous 13:17 you are sick and very immature.

♚ ₳ӢϮì-βυℓℓȿħîϮ ♚
♚ ₳ӢϮì-βυℓℓȿħîϮ ♚

Perv! @anon 13:17


i think this mercy is just d bomb…av always loved she nd ini edo buh at d moment i love her just more shes mature nd intelligent …this is what i call a reality not like those stupid pple doing reality tv shows to show how much cloths theyve got how rich they are nd how popular they are…i know most of them wud wanna imitate her now…thumbs up sweet

Chidimma Azonobi

Nice one Mercy…keep it up.

Pamela James

MERCY JOHNSON OKOJIE I can never and will never stop loving you. You are simply THE BEST! God bless and stregthen you in this your new project. Wishing you and your family God's unending blessings and favour. Remain blessed!


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