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RMD lists top ten ways you annoy him on Instagram

You have to read this if you are his fan and want to know if you annoy the veteran actor on Instagram.

Hes said; “This week on RMD’s Top 10 I share the Top 10 Ways You Annoy Me On Instagram, from “Sliding into my DM” to being disrespectful, unprofessional and other annoying things in between, there are people who daily give me reasons to question having my Instagram account. See if you made the list of the annoying people I find on Instagram as I share my tongue-in-cheek thoughts.

He shared the memes on his website, See them below…

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11 Comments on "RMD lists top ten ways you annoy him on Instagram"

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plumpy j

All ye followers should take more.


lolzzz. he is funny. hope they hear you sir

Derrick Chidumebi

Lol… very true!


I love that line"the way u respect an elder is a reflection of who raised you. Quite true. When people with wisdom speaks u learn things and acquired knowledge.


which pros will just be sending naked pics to this man

Kuteyi Folayinka Samuraeh MNB
Kuteyi Folayinka Samuraeh MNB
odoemenam chinenye anabbel
odoemenam chinenye anabbel

Menh. dis 1 na nyc WATCH-OUTS. Oh. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah aha ha haha ha haha ha ha ha haha aha ha ha. I Love dis man so much. he's my Role model!


Divine I advise that you completely ignore Rotten Tomatoes next time. I mean from the name (ROTTEN) you can tell.

That's how she made 'concerted efforts' to get my attention when I was dueling with the the one claiming to be a lawyer and to have traveled to all parts of the world (Angela Edeko) asking me to check that out on her FB page. When I got to her FB I immediately regretted responding to her in the first place.

Some on here are airheads who know to speak some English then with a lot of curse words. They get on your matter as if you were referring to them. You never see them proffer better argument to what you say they just malign. Now I have sworn to myself not to take it anymore from them. I do not accept that 'attack is the best form of defense' but any uncivil airhead who comes after me on any issue I write here it's either I leave this blog and go to where there are discerning people or descend retaliate and annihilate the person with same English wordings he/she employed to attack me. If you don't feel good with anything I have to say is cursing me and calling me names my parents didn't give me the antidote? Some don't even read through first they just go ahead and blast.

They probably carry Masters degrees around and about but are devoid of civility. I'm tired of it and beginning to wanna go after their asses every last one of them bullshit!

My name: Chika

lisa peters

Oh!!!! Noted

Rotten tomatoes

Overjoblessness dey worry you. Go kiss electric eel


Kiss electric eel him brain go fry






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