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Senate Okays Marriage for Underage Women In Nigeria

The much-awaited voting on recommendations of the Senate Committee on the Review of the Constitution took place yesterday.
And our dear Senate has okayed marriage for girls as young as 10. Or even younger. As long as your parents are willing to give you away.

According to ThisDay, yesterday, the Senate resolved to alter the part in our constitution that stipulates that a woman shall not be qualified for marriage until she attains the 18 years.

And this they did after Senator Ahmad Sani (Zamfara West), raised an alarm that stating a certain age for women before getting married, was against the Islamic law.

Remember that in 2009, Senator Sani had married a 13-year-old Egyptian in violation of the constitutional provision.
His act had sparked an international outrage, to which Senator Sani said he didn’t care about.

After a moment of controversy, Senate President David Mark asked his colleagues to vote afresh on the provision, a situation that eventually went in favour of Sani, who, thereafter, thanked the Senate president and his colleagues for supporting his cause.

So Senate deleted age specification for women being married from the draft constitution and left the marriage age for women open.

While deleting the section from the draft constitution yesterday, the Senate claimed that a woman is deemed to be “full of age” once she is married irrespective of the age she did so.

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33 Comments on "Senate Okays Marriage for Underage Women In Nigeria"

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Tolulope Aina

see d kind of stupid laws dat they are passing.. instead of makin sure nepa is privitised or d PIB is properly put in place . and make laws dat will help to aid our country these sill perverts are thinking of little girls


a country that encourages pedophilic behaviors has the the guts to pass an anti gay bill. Evil is Evil no matter the face and shape. you can call one evil and encourage the other. just imagine a full grown man sleeping with a 10yrs old girl what wickedness. Judgement is coming. this is a license for poor people to sell their young children for money. these fools called "senators" have condemned unborn innocent children to sexual abuse.

ExoticEyez MiMi

Is this what they should be passing laws for? Oh my word this is bad bad bad. Handing illiterate and greedy parents the right to ruin a female child's life. Now the gal child will be viewed as a commodity to be married off for profit no more effort to educate her. A young girl that gets pregnant when her cervix is not ready to undergo the labour of childbearing is liable to suffer from V.V.F.(vestico vagina fistula) That's just the least of what could go wrong. I am disappointed at the lawmakers.

ExoticEyez MiMi

*Vesico Vaginal Fistula

abubakar adamu toto

Thanks to the Senate president for the law.

Adekunle Kazeem

This is incredible. I am wondering maybe I am wrong. Did they conduct research even scientifically to ensure such law is right or consult with experts because such is not a matter of number but sincere conviction and logic. It seems like a subjective lazy-man decision. I believe need to proper investigation report to deliberated and discuss logically upon in the house before opting for vote. Just thinking this is absurd. 10yrs! I don't believe such a lady is ripe for marriage unless she want to be baby mama only.

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The other day it was blood bath @ Rivers state assembly now it is girl child abuse made law by d senate… They will soon realise d consequencies of legallizing evil


What kind of useless lawmakers does this country have sef?! I think I'm ready to leave this country now… Mtcheeew..

Anwuli Oputa

What nonsense did I just read? A girl of 10 years old is ripe for marriage what does she know about marital life at that age. God help us in this country Nigeria. There are important priorities that the senators should be worried about.


Y won't u b happy when ur na is Toto #aboki nama#

ij bby

Perverts! Bloody perverts!!
So sex wit a 10yr old is no longer considered as sex wit a minor?

Bravo! Evil lawmakers!

I pray ur underaged daughters will b d first set of victims!

Infact dis one na domestic violence *in SDK's voice*. I'm really pissed n disappointed in our leaders! Shame!!!

Frank Talk

Because the plumbing in a house has been installed does not mean the house is ready to inhabited So is the body of a young girl. what is wrong with these old men? Will they give out their daughters in marriage at this age or they will send them abroad to party and do drugs in the name of going to Study overseas. This law will only be agreeable to the Hausas who more or less view women to be equal to the cattle they herd or own.


A 10 year old girl is still a child and you want to saddle her with the duties of a wife and even deem it right to expose her to be invaded by a full blown Dick Haba Lawmakers Have a Heart.

Frank Talk

May your ten year old sister be a victim of this law fool.


A Women Rights Group need to do something about this mad men and their ridiculous law. This is something the wife of the president should champion as a mother abi she is busy cruising in limousine or globe trotting and has not heard this yet. Something has to be done please. These idiots are insane.


Ewu Gambia why wont you like it when you have been eyeballing those little girls riding bicycles on your street. God will punish you evil man.




Selfish First lady. Things like this that are vital she will die for it but frivolous things that are beyond her constitutional power. Very selfish indeed.

Austin Uche

The cycle of evil has been unleashed…smh… Very soon the will strike out the anti gay bill…na wa o Naija !
This country is seriously messed up.. Smh

Austin Uche



These lawmakers should clap for themselves for this act they have their plans of catching them young and they just legalized it. Shameless lot.

Oluyomi Odukoya

What is wrong with this country?


Disgusting men.

So of all the problems they feel /felt we have in Nigeria this was was on their list.

These men are married to foolish women who will keep quiet about this disgusting act.

And badluck Jonathan has no say in this as always. Nothing but a puppet!

Nigeria is there any hope? You've let these disgusting religious men bring their disgusting religion to you which justifies underage marriage. Mohammed married a child!!! These men want to do the same thing. Why can't we ever stand up to these men? Why don't we want to die trying /fighting? If you believe in a heaven /after life you really shouldn't fear death . Rally/riot. Do something!

Aren't there any child protection agencies that can come in here?


And they call themselves 'honorable'….sad!




I am not one of the religious type but what is happening in that country could be likened to something I once read in the bible about a city called 'sodomy' and 'gonorrhea'

is this not enough reason for us to protest?Nigerians we have kept mum for a very long time and this fools are taking us for granted.what kind of nonsense is this? visit my blog for political

John Bull

Guys I am surprised that you are just beating about the bush. Dont you know that this is in keeping with the deeds of the model for mankind "prophet" mohammed. He married Aisha at Six years old and slept with her when she turned Nine. This was while she was still playing with her dolls. Please stop complaining. The "prophet" did it- "a perfect example for mankind" My foot!


Nigerian Senate sitting to decide and conclude on this issue is arrant nonsense when there are more vital issues to be addressed; the kind of leaders we have in this country is so disappointing; instead of promoting education for the child discussing bills to enhance women development talk on issues that will enhance National development and prosperity they altered the constitution to permit toddlers getting married because of an immature act of a senator who married a toddler. This time around Senator David Mark disappoints me by not standing by the first vote which kicked against the issue; I see no reason why he granted Yerimak's request for a re-vote.

I know that ONE DAY all this stupid laws will be revisited by TRUE LEADERS emerging soon



@ Oputa let me answer your question; YOU JUST READ ARRANT NONSENSE STUPID and FOOLISH deliberation by the senators. Am disappointed in them.

Obinna Chukz

i have no problems with the law if only Yerima and co bring their daughters as examples


#smh….2 sad nd short of words 2 comment…GOD av mercy..Amen…


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