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Social media users mock Chelsea FC for loosing their first game of the season

Today, last season Premier League winner, Chelsea FC had a poor start as they suffered a 3-2 defeat from Burnley in their first game of the 25th Premier League season,  after two players of the London side got red cards.

Social media users who wouldn’t let this slide, trolled the football club with savage tweets. Here are some;

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC


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38 Comments on "Social media users mock Chelsea FC for loosing their first game of the season"

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I don’t know anything about football so I’m not going to say anything

Your boyfriend would know


fuck u 4 hating on chelsea!

The last time i checked, its Chelsea getting fucked


Hatter I see you. Its just one game now


dats rude!

lol…d tin sweet me sae chelshit lose


Chai too bad

lol, some pple no go slp well 2nite, so men go fight with their wives, while some fit commit suicide… some go even trek pass their home or slp inside gutter

Ndi chealsea kwenu!!!


It’s still early na.No big deal.

Let them take heart, it was not there day

The end of the season shall tell, always remember that the end will always be better than the beginning……..keep hating Chelsea, once failure is a stepping stone to success…I say so!!!! Forever Chelsea fan!!!!


Conte need red card and we need good coach

Shut your dumbass up

Blow whistle if you don’t know what to comment

Uhm see people now oooo….



Fuck haters

Win Or Lose Stil Remain Chelsea Fan,

Is still morning to laugh at us we must prove them wrong

Blues forever, calm dawn,is a wake up call, we go blue the world, sure, sure

LailasBlog, correct your grammatical faux pas. Loosing is not appropriate there, the right word is “losing”. You ought to be educating your vast audience and not de-educating them.

Heya sorry guys

Chelsea burst my kidney. Spoil my game

Chelsea just cut millions of bet tickets

The match was interesting but they were not the first champion to lose their opening game. Though the match silenced all the Chelsea fans. Make they take heart, Conte might not be the best answer always.

Hilda Naa Merley Akita good morning

Up Chelsea,Still!

I don’t care, I’m still a die hard Chelsea fan.. Chelsea for life


Laila which club do you belong? I am Chelsea & still proud…Its just a game. Sometimes you win sometimes you loose but that meme with costa
smiling really got

They tried anyway but they deserved what happened because they are noise makers.

I think what happened to Chelsea is normal and they deserve it

Still remain Chelsea fans






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