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Stonebwoy's ex-girlfriend


Stonebwoy’s ex-girlfriend reacts to his wedding, says she feels used and dumped

A lady claiming to be Ghanaian musician, Stonebwoy’s ex-girlfriend has comes out and is accusing the singer of failing to marry her after he proposed.

The lady who identifies herself as Betty Ama Fiona, a resident of Tema, claims that she was issued stern warnings by Stonebwoy’s colleagues to stay off the wedding or incur their wrath according to a letter published on

In the letter, she claimed to have met Stonebwoy when she played a part as a vixen in one of his videos.

She stated that on the 3rd day of the shoot, Stonebwoy proposed to her and they started dating in 2014 but asked her to keep the relationship private and away from media attention.

Read full text of the emotional letter below;


“I’ve read and seen the many articles you’ve done on the dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy’s marriage. I appreciate your good works. Your blog- became the good source to some of us to feed our eyes with what was going on as I was given a stern warning by Stonebwoy’s crew member not to come there.

I have been crying since I saw the date of his wedding was published on your site and still can’t hold back my tears when I saw his wedding pictures yesterday.

I met Stonebwoy when I got the chance to feature in one of his videos.I must say, He is among the few celebrities I’ve met who carries himself very well. Respects himself and those he works with. Except on few occasions, he goes overboard when he gets angry.

To cut a long story short, he proposed to me after the 3rd day of the video shoot and we started dating in 2014.He wanted us to remain private as according to him didn’t want the media attention on us and I think he’s good at how he does it is just that he did to me and everyone with the secret relationship with the Doctor, Louisa is painful

We made love on several occasions, and though he didn’t promise marriage —what I find disturbing is why he didn’t even tell me about his marriage to the Doctor.

He cut off contacts suddenly and within a week I read he is getting married to the Doctor. Thought it was not true. Made several attempts to reach him but to no avail, until I finally saw the pictures on your blog yesterday.

I watched the video and looked at the pictures with tears in my eyes. No wonder, he heavily guarded the premises with security. No chance was given to likes of us to enter.

I know people will say a lot of things about me for writing this to you.But Editor, this is the only time I feel I can make my case known or share my feelings.

There are a lot I did and planned with Stonebwoy and now I feel he used me and perhaps married the doctor for his own peculiar reasons.

Can you publish this for me for Stonebwoy to answer why he didn’t tell me or did this to me? Nevertheless, I still wish them a happy marriage. That’s life!”

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15 Comments on "Stonebwoy’s ex-girlfriend reacts to his wedding, says she feels used and dumped"

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Eeya eppele video vixen…lolz.
He only wanted ponmo,he married a woman that had something to offer other than shaking big nyansh on television.

Lizzy Asanwa Atutupoyoyo
Lizzy Asanwa Atutupoyoyo

You are harsh! Be nice jeez!


he obviously just wanted a good time with a video vixen thats why he “proposed after 3 days”…when he met doctor he wanted a wife

Ogechi juliet

What sorry. Move on!!!! Doctor gat him now ND forever.


Madam u were just a side chick just to shake bum bum for his videos and , when its time to get married,they marry someone responsible.u don’t get it do you?

Frequency Unlimited

He didn’t marry you but he’s married now!,move on ? and shut the f**k.

Lizzy Asanwa Atutupoyoyo
Lizzy Asanwa Atutupoyoyo

Chop kiss…Pple like u makes life less complicated!


Sorry he came for the ponyor.Move on.

You feel used and dumped, how?
You were both in a relationship and u broke up
Is it stonebwoy that didn’t feel used and dumped?
When a guy and girl break up, the girls always feel used and dumped.

Lol, used and dumped indeed

Common move on girl…

Used and dumped??
I thought you are an ex
I am sure he broke up with You based on mutual agreement
Except you are sidechick thinking you are the main…
Some men does that at times

Common sense is truly not common ….relationships must not end in marriage so get DAT into your silly head

Use and dump? As orange or? Dat means his not d man for u move on life is too short to waist ur time on things dat add no value to ur life EX is ex


Then y expose urself,soon media will show ur face and u will be known as d lady stonebwoy dumped..shit happens,move on!u will find someone that will love&treat u berra..I guess u meant he asked u out on d 3rd day not proposed..






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