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Zenith Bank Owerri


Exclusive video: Robbery attack at Zenith Bank Owerri that killed one

A four-man armed robbery gang on February 22, 2017, stormed and attacked a Zenith Bank Owerri branch – Wetheral road Owerri, Imo state capital.

An attack that left three police men and five bank customers injured and one of the armed robbers dead. just received a CCTV footage from the attack and it will give you chills. Press play to watch below.

Nigeria police have since arrested the robbers.

Zenith Bank Owerri

The CCTV you are about to watch had captured the suspected robbers’ ring leader Justice Ogbonna, aka, JJ, and his gang arrive the bank during the attack on the said day in February.

They had trailed a bank customer to the Zenith bank branch on Wetheral Road, Owerri, the state capital.

In the video, you will see them shoot indiscriminately as they stormed the bank, attacked the customer and carted away the money which the victim wanted to deposit in the bank.

They reportedly shot the customer dead.

You will also see a brave plain-clothes MOPOL officer attached to the bank shoot dead one of the armed robbers whom the rest abandoned as they made their getaway.

After six weeks of investigation, ring leader – Justice Ogbenna, aka JJ, and getaway driver Okechukwu Onwuamaegbu– were arrested in Aba, Abia State by operatives of the Imo State Police Command during activities marking to mark JJ’s father’s burial.

Zenith bank owerri bank robbery

Zenith Bank Owerri

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65 Comments on "Exclusive video: Robbery attack at Zenith Bank Owerri that killed one"

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Nawa oo… God help us

Chioma Obi

God will actually help us since they have been caught.
nigeria newspaper

Pauline \'Lina\' Ife

God forsaken people!
I pray the other gang members at large be apprehended soon.
Kudos to the plain clothed security agent who brought down one of the robbers.

I love how the police gun one down. But who knows the fate of that police officer??

He survived


But you wrote that a customer was shot dead but previously said only the robber was killed in the incident. Pls clarify.

Odoemenam Chinenye Anabbel
Odoemenam Chinenye Anabbel

I was lost/confused wit d news headlines too!


The policeman later died at FMC Owerri hospital.


Please confirmed Nigerian lost the mopol


Hope it’s not another eyewitness account? You should confirm with his obituary for saying he did. Because from the video, he was still shooting back at the guy that followed him, the guy had to duck and enter inside the vehicle….. if the police man was heavily wounded, he couldn’t have shot back to restrain him from advancing

Thank God he did


The guy na hero oo


The Mopol survived. Praise God

uncle babs

The robber that got killed is a mumu.see how he was moving as if he is RObocop.The hero mopol got lucky.He showed a lot of inexperience.He was in perfect position to end robbery with just 3 trigger pulls.Fear in that situation could have cost him his life.i noticed when he was hit on the leg as he was shooting and running.He was lucky the robber that tried to kill him doesn’t even know how to use the gun he came to rob with..

This is pure action likey

Frequency Unlimited​
Frequency Unlimited​

You concluded all these from what you just read?


I wonder oooh! Are you sure. …….??


Actually I concluded same from watching the video.

The police man showed fear. I do not blame him. And he is lucky that like him, the robbers don’t know how to shoot.

Last conclusion, police use cheap ammo. Those bullets could not even pierce the body of the elantra sufficiently.


My thoughts exactly!!


The policeman might have been had some fear but the move he made was the best move though risky. He had only a few seconds after gunning down that dude to either escape, or kill the other 3…or meet their vengeance. Remember he was in a corner…if you’ve ever handled a gun you’d know that hitting 4 moving targets in 10 seconds is no joke. Forget what you saw Van Damme do…. This is reality.


The fact is, the policeman needn’t have run. He had an advantage. He was in an enclosed place and dark too. He had gunned down one. All he needed was to remain in his hiding and wait for anyone who attempted to come in. He would have killed them all if they had made any attempt to reach him. He seems rather inexperienced.


u most be high on Weed.u think say dis na film were u can make analysis
[email protected]

Do u knw if he still have more bullet i think that is the reason he ran away for his dear life

Sefe Sagie

Yes Ayor, I agree with you. The Police man should never have come out. I think d thief stopped shooting at him when he was sure he had no access to proper use of his gun. I believe d Policeman didn’t survive that ordeal.


the police man did what an experienced forceman should…he is considering his bullet and he can’t be in an enclose place for gun battle…if his bullet finish he is finish so he need movable environment. robbery Is getting out of hand…. Rip

Lady B

Uncle Babs thanks for the analysis, even though i was not able to watch the video, i still understood the story from your write up.


Then you misunderstood it all…because what he typed no be am.

We need your protection Lord….


Everyday for the thiefs and one day for the owner


That mopol officer is brave.. They should arrest the driver of the victim, he probably gave them info.. So because of money they killed the man now.. and that idiot thief lost his life??? SMH

Gud job n.p.f

Odoemenam Chinenye Anabbel
Odoemenam Chinenye Anabbel

This video no be here…,dis 1 na movie oh! all dos stress 4 how much???? A lil nylon of money? The guard just got lucky oh.,see as he tear race wit d gun! He caught d robber off guard with d first shot..,the oda guard dat ran off on time should have alerted d police around d neighbourhood 4 an open fire! Na wa oh.,laila hope say dis 1 no b movie upload???


Lol alert the nearby police for an open fire? Have u lived in America before? Maybe u think this happened there. Brother, his is Nigeria, believe me that that area no see police even 10mins after the robbery. Police go come fight gun fight for you and you go dey road dey collect their #50 roger abi? Lol

Good at least one down


lolz… can’t just help it buh laf @ d way dat gateman tear race with dat lady ehen… no b here ooo… buh i’m hapi at d way dat armed person brought down dat idiot… he should hv waited small to bring anoda 1 down buh instead he ran 4 40… e pain me sha. Buh fenk God they caught dem.


I heard that the MOPOL died.


Wao what a pity. Really pain the mopol gave up the ghost.

Agile Mopols….nice one to the Nigerian police force…RIP to the dead.


Chilling footage, James bond 007.

Nice job,God tank u for ur assistance

Who saw how that woman in red and gateman ran away?

Oyaaaaaaa rip

Ali Soma Jnr

Nice job for that police man.

The rate of crime s really getting out of hand


Evil never pays.

The Police man that shot the dead robber should be promoted. He was a brave Police officer.


Has any noticed how the shot robber fell without his gun? Probably it’s the gun the mopol ran out with.


Kudos to dat police officer, if he is still alive he should be promote to anoda rank, God really exposed de rubbers, dey didnt even enjoy de money.


They caught two. Remaining one.

Olorun sa anu wa ooo


Pls the policeman did not die ooooo ooooo make unah no kill am with mouth He is very healthy and still on duty.


wondering why people say with such affirmation he died….please can you confirm that he is alive with how you know…i really love to know he is still alive.


U people don’t even talk about the other police that first came out seconds to arrival of the robber.


The police would have alert them in first place, a least hiding and patient he would have gone than up to 3


And again is not surpose to come out of the hiding position, even if he ran out of armonation he can still make use of the guy he has gone ryful for finishing job, is coming out allow the guy in the car to come out fully


Nawa ooo, may God help us ooo
Nigerian Daily News

Omosebi Taiwo

OOOOOOOwwwwwww….God please help us oooooooo…see how that thief just wasted his life….

Omosebi Taiwo

lord please dont let them go scot free

Omosebi Taiwo

lord please let them suffer the plight they have caused in some peoples life….

Omosebi Taiwo

some will work theirs is to still….its annoying me sef




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