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Yobe Senator caught in leaked video with two women speaks, says he owes no one an explanation

A Nigerian senator has owned up to a scandalous video that showed him dressing up in the presence of two women in a room, presumably after sex.

But Bukar Ibrahim, representing Yobe East Senatorial District, told PREMIUM TIMES in his first interview since the scandal broke that he had not committed any official wrongdoing and the video was only made public after attempts to blackmail him failed.

“This is a personal, private matter. What does my having been with a girl have to do with the public?
“You know the normal thing: people ask for unreasonable things, and if you deny them, they try to blackmail you if they have a way,” Mr. Ibrahim, a former governor of Yobe State, said Monday afternoon.

Sahara Reporters published the video on the Internet Sunday, and it quickly caught online frenzy.

The footage, roughly two minutes long, showed Mr. Ibrahim reaching for his underwear, apparently after emerging from the shower.

In the room, one of the two women in the video held a device that was capturing the activities; while the other strolled about. But none of them was stripped like Mr. Ibrahim.

Mr. Ibrahim said he couldn’t remember where or when sexual activities took place, but the room appeared like a typical motel accommodation.

The senator said he owed no one an explanation since he was not accused of any crime.

“If they say I raped, that’s a different matter altogether,” Mr. Ibrahim said. “Is it because I am a public official then I am not supposed to be entitled to private life?”

The senator said he knew when one of the women was filming him, but was told it was only for fun and they also wanted to illuminate the room with a camera.

“They just mentioned it to me as a joke and I took it as nothing really serious,” he said. “This is something that happened between two adults.”

Mr. Ibrahim, who signed a controversial Sharia law while in office as governor, nonetheless, said he will investigate the matter.

“I have commenced investigations to find out why it is circulating,” the senator said. “But from all indications, it is a blackmail.”

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46 Comments on "Yobe Senator caught in leaked video with two women speaks, says he owes no one an explanation"

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I said it Nigerian leaders are the worse in all these things. Now he would not be arrested oh


Arrested for what? Are they underage or was it rape? I guess they want to milk him through blackmail but he refused giving in so it was released. I guess they can now rest. Even though his actions wasn’t morally right to his image as a public figure the question I want to ask is why would Sahara reporter be the instrument used in exposing the video?


1 million likes Divine, I know some people with say he is role model and should be be looked up to,that’s crap,model your own kids, Though if its in a”civilised ” country he might be asked to resign for such disgrace but na naija we dey mehn.


I’m ashamed of our so called leaders, imagine the sick defense. No dignity whatsoever, what’s worth doing is worth doing fine. Is she your wife?

exactly sir its nobodies business ….enjoy your life jor ,you need fresh blood jare

papa welldone sir

Thanks senator, that is brave of u.

Ah swear he shud sue dose ladies,sm human stupid oo shebi he pay dem y do dae expose him

That’s his own cup of coffee

Yez he owes nobody any explanation is his life

Enjoy ur self very well


What an hypocrite ,They are the first people that will shout crucify him crucify him.But there sins are worse.Ndi sharia.

make the man enjoy em life oooo,

This man showed his maturity in his reply,I don’t know how well his home front will be after this but I love his reply,why prey into his personal life like it improves or reduces his effectiveness ,my only concern is the security of those ladies,they should have known better that this is not america where you can blackmail and get government protection,over here you blackmail ,the story makes headline and dies but no one will hear about you ,and if you don’t have the privilege to travel abroad your life will be in danger, blackmail should be a criminal offence if am not mistaken…the man can sue them,I can remember a popular story of one Abuja girl that did something similar now she is behind bars.

I tire ooo, who nor dey do the thing na????

That’s right i love that

Sahara reporters are over stepping dia boundaries…… sense + brain fall on you people!

U try joor, for the answer u gave them jare.what of all those big men wey dey carry under 15 16, go bed? Abbeggii

It’s no man biz,,he has his own life to live,,,, I love his reply

Yes ooo. Anytin we do na for our heard

Na because na Naija if to say na USA or Europe ur political career don finish patapata be that

Shameless man

It a free world do as u like

Actually he owes no one an apology, except for his wife and God

Sir Noble

He did something a public figure should not do?? or should not be caught doing???. Nobody ugly and nobody holy pass. From the way he sounded, it was more like “Bring it on” and that’s certainly a case of blackmail. The man get liver sha!!! am sure he is a family man


That’s how they go about lavishing the public fund they looted while in office on whores.

An old man that should stick to his wife and gradually enjoy his old age jumping from one bed to another until heart attack will kill him while he is pushing to satisfy young girls. Shame!

Hahaha, see belle like an Elephant and leg like a Kangaroo. Why u come allow those smart girl to outsmart u, and u notice am, u allow dem to kwontinu in filming, na so de thing sweet u, u forgot say u be Public toilet, i mean Public figure, wetin u want make ur wife and children do in seen dis video. U dey craze small. And for dis girls, na ritual i go take una do. And dis Sahara reporters ehh, una whistle don blow too much, na for derset una dey.?

Shameful and shameless


So shameless!
My friend shut the fuck up biko unless you’re not married!
Imagine his non-chalant reply and people are hailing him.
Nonsense. My concern goes to his wife/wives and kids who have to deal with their dad’s ass all over the net.

After work enjoy itself jare.

9ja leaders 2 much joor. Only u go pack money u get wives 4 house even d ashawo u still pack 2


A. Mr. Ibrahim said he couldn’t remember where or when sexual activities took place. B. The senator said he knew when one of the women was filming him, but was told it was only for fun and they also wanted to illuminate the room with a camera.
“They just mentioned it to me as a joke and I took it as nothing really serious, TELL THEM

We weren’t expecting any before


He did absolutely nothing wrong, thosevgirls are adults and its not like they were raped or something.. Sahara Reporters needs to be investigated. This is outright blackmail, and it’s not fair

That’s life Oooo what ever u do people will not still appreciate only left for u to know how to play ur game well

Everyone hailing him but hell broke loose when miss cucumber’s saga was on. Hypocrites!!!


its his private life..let him sort out with his wife and kids..I cant imagine how much he was asked to pay for that video.

Honorable Senator, you owe nobody any explanation, but be it known to you that your days are numbered.

This is where the 36million naira salary is going to plus tax money, we’ve seen it, and some stupid ppl are still taking his side I pity una

He hasn’t done anything wrong, he is not a cleric or religion leader. His job as a former governor or a serving Senator doesn’t prohibit him from satisfying his sexual urge. He is entitled to his private life and there’s not constitutional provision stopping anybody to have sex with whoever consents.

Omo! See level!! Wonder shall never end

One thing is beautiful here.
Accepting and being adult. Yes adult enough to visit fresh workshop.



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